Van's RV-10 in flight

Gary's RV-10 Construction Log And Notes
For N2GB

First Flight May 23, 2009

Detailed Construction by Sections as defined in Van's Builders Manual:

Emp Unpacking
Section 6 VS
Section 7 Rudder
Section 8 HS
Section 9 Elevators
Section 10 Tailcone
Section 11 Emp Attach
Section 12 Emp Fairings

Wings Unpacking
Section 13 Main Spar
Section 14 Wing Ribs
Section 15 Rear Spar
Section 16 Top Skins
Section 17 Outboard LE
Section 18 Fuel Tank
Section 19 Stall Warning
Section 20 Bottom Skins
Section 21 Aileron
Section 22 Flap
Section 23 Aileron Actuation
Section 24 Wing Tip Installation

Fuselage, Finish Unpacking
Fuselage Kit

Section 25 Mid Fuse Bulkheads
Section 26 Mid F. Ribs B. Skins
Section 27 Firewall
Section 28 Fwd Fuse Ribs Bulk
Section 29 Fuse Side Skins
Section 30 Step Installation
Section 31 U. Forward Fuselage
Section 32 Tail Cone Attach
Section 33 Baggage Area
Section 34 Baggage Door
Section 35 Access & Floors
Section 36 Brake Lines
Section 37 Fuel System
Section 38 R. Pedals & Br Syst
Section 39 Control System
Section 40 Flap System
Section 41 Instrument Panel
Section 42 Rear Seat Backs
Section 43 Cabin
Section 44 Wing Attachment

 Finishing Kit
Section 45 Cabin Doors & 

Section -- Interior
Section -- Door Latch Warning
Section 46 Engine Mnt & Gear
Section 47 Spinner & Cowling
Section 48 Gear, Wheel Fairings
Section 49 Seats
Section 50 Cabin Heat
Section -- Wiring & Panel
Section -- Cutting Instrument Pnl
Section -- SPs

Firewall Forward
Section FF1 Engine Installation
Section FF2 Cowl Baffle
Section FF3 Control Cables
Section FF4 Fuel System
Section FF5 Oil System

Catch All
Final Assembly



This site contains a pictorial and word description of the construction of 2GB.  Much thanks must go to Tim Olson, Vic Syracuse and all the other great members of the VansairForce and Matronics RV-10 Forums.
The Empennage/Tailcone Kit and Wing Kit were ordered Dec 12, 2006.  The Empennage Kit was delivered Dec 27, 2006 and the Wing Kit was delivered February 14 2007.

The Emp kit was complete through Section 11 Empennage Attachment on Feb 11 and part of Section 12 Emp Fairings was completed on Feb 16 when all work was shifted to the Wings.  When work was shifted, 242 hours of direct work had been logged working on the Empennage.

The Wing Kit took approximately 342 hours to complete excluding wiring.

The Fuselage and Finishing Kit was ordered July 2, 2007, shipped August 28th and picket up at the FedEx Freight terminal on August 31st..  As of Christmas approximately 204 hours work has been performed and the Fuselage is complete through Section 31 + 36 and most of 37.


Pictures of the First Flight of N2GB


After Painting

Tools Used and the Work Area

Weights & Measures Site last updated 2/26/09 This site will always be under construction just like N2GB.  The site is provided for the enjoyment and education of other potential and current RV-10 builders.  This site is intended to be functional, it is NOT intended to look pretty.  Any extra time goes into building, not web design.

Construction Log for the Van's Aircraft RV-10 # 40674 registered with # N2GB