Tools Used in the Construction of N410GB

Many of the general purpose tools used for the construction of N410GB were already on hand after building N2GB a Steen Skybolt.

Aluminum handling tools were added from the following sources.
The RV-10 Builders Took Kit from Avery Tools  The initial purchase included the Longeron Yoke (#7755) and the 4" Deep (#7740).  I later added the pneumatic rivet squeezer (#7500 with the adjustable set holder)

An air cleco installation tool was added from Browns Tools and is proving to be well worth the price.

Construction was started in a 'Sun Room' of our house, which was a covered patio that we enclosed and added it to our houses central heat and air conditioning.  This allowed construction to start in the middle of Oklahoma Winter.  The room is 12 feet by 21 feet in size.

Tables included a general purpose work table 4ft X 8ft is size and a construction table modeled after the EAA Chapter 1000 plans.  I modified the size to allow both the top and lower shelf to be cut from a single piece of 3/4" plywood.  The top was 26" by 8 feet and the shelf was the balance or 22".  The stand was made 22" wide by 92" long.  This allowed a 2" lip on all sides.